The Life Purpose Blueprint ™

A 21 day catalyst formula to discover the career that will ignite your soul in today's world of work.

For ambitious professionals whose souls feel trapped in their current career.

Starting Monday August 31st.

We are testing this program for a limited number of people only @ 90% discount in exchange for honest feedback.

You don't have to commit just yet, book a FREE 30 minute chat to discuss your next career move and if this programme is right for you.

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This programme is all about discovering and defining that ‘thing’.

Dictionary Definition
That TH-I-N-G

1. that ideal job

2. that side hustle

3. that calling

you know is out there for you but you have no idea on what it is or how to package it up into a financially stable career.

I Had Been Very Lost

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If you're struggling to break free from your dread of Mondays and have no idea what you want to do that will overcome all those obstacles of time, money, skills this is for you…


Here's what you'll get from this programme

✔ Clarity on what your unique life's work is that will bring you personal and financial freedom.

✔ A deep understanding of what could be holding you back in living it and how to overcome this using neuroscience techniques.

✔ Personalised work adventure experience days that are right for you and FUN (!) planned and set up with our help.

✔ Your own bespoke action plan to transform your life into one that's more aligned with your authentic self.

✔ A personal survival toolkit to use in pursuit of your mission especially when you meet obstacles.

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Don't live your Donut Life!

What on earth do we mean by Donut life? The donut analogy was mentioned on a podcast with Tom Bilyeu and David Asprey. 

As much as many of us have a sweet tooth and love donuts....some of us, and I'm guessing you too (given that you are reading this) cannot just ‘settle’ for life and strives to do better. We're assuming you are here because you yearn to become a better version of yourself and to better contribute to this world.

We only get this one life to reach our potential, to learn and grow. Why waste it on living the donut life, staying in your comfort zone, not getting out into action, not stretching the boundaries. Why not use it to get out there, to explore, to see what happens, to see how far you can go, to see how much of an impact we can really have?

Why not give yourself the best chance of happiness, meaning and fulfilment you possibly can?

Your soul is calling you to ignite it...

'This programme helped me figure out what I really really want to do'


This is for you if...

  • You are exhausted and tired in your current job. Deep down you know there's something more impactful you can do in the world.
  • You have tried looking at job boards but nothing seems to stick out to you.
  • You know you have a lot to offer but you just can't quite put your finger on what that 'thing' you could do is.
  • You need support in getting to that 'thing' and making the change in your life.
  • You are willing and ready to make change.
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This program is available at a 90% discount (£47) for a limited number of people ready to make change and give honest feedback.

You don't have to commit just yet, book a FREE 30 minute chat to discuss your next career move and if this programme is right for you.

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Unfold this new chapter with Bhavisha Larson

Hi! I'm Bhavisha, the lead coach of Zero Mondays.

I am a corporate escapist that got obsessed with finding my purpose in life,  breaking free from social norms and a job that sucked my soul out of me.

After working in Corporate across 3 continents for over 13 years, I realised how unfulfilled I felt. I spent over 4 years on my own self discovery journey adventuring from growing avocado trees in California to designing jewellery in Hatton Garden to figure out what my real life’s work is.

My purpose lies in helping you become fully expressive of yourself through your work because I genuinely believe that you have a unique gift to release in to this world that will light you up, your soul up and as a result the people around you (in a really positive beaming kind of way).

International coach. Certified with Jennifer Grace, Hay House author of 'Directing Your Destiny'.

A Transformative Experience

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Transform your Mondays into ones you LOVE.

I'm Ready!


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