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Corporate Escapist

I am a corporate escapist that got obsessed with finding my purpose in life and breaking free from the norms.

My purpose lies in helping you become fully expressive of yourself through your work because I genuinely believe that you have a unique gift to bring to this world that will light you up and as a result the people around you.

Having been in IT most of my career, I realised that my brain requires logic and practical down to earth tools - so I work with you in a structured, actionable way to find your unique calling.

"I truly loved working with Bhavisha! The way she commits to her work and to helping you is just amazing, always looking for the best ways to guide you and inspire you."


Some Fun Stuff About Me...

I am from and live in the UK but have also lived in Poland, Czech Republic and USA - all amazing places, so many stories!

☀ I’m the annoying person that talks to people in the lift (elevator) or public transport because I love to hear people’s stories and make a connection.

☀ I’m ridiculously curious and go out of my way to try new things. If I was a cat I would’ve used up all my lives very quickly.

☀ I DJ at home on weekends.

☀ My most used app is probably Spotify, followed closely by Podcasts and Audible. So many recommendations!

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"You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore."

-William Faulkner

Here's how my journey got me here...

After 13 years in Corporate and my ‘biggest’ career move, the little voice in my head got harder and harder to ignore. I worked long hours, went meeting to meeting, fought politics and my home life had started to suffer - with the biggest question - WHY? Why was I doing all  this? What impact was I having on the world?

I felt like my skills and energy were wasted on making profits for products I never used myself and they could be better used elsewhere.

I started to search. I searched for what else I could do or wanted to do, I had no idea what that would be. I started to learn tools and techniques to:

a) help me mentally survive in my job

b) search for the real me, my gifts and talents.

I was lucky enough to be offered redundancy so I took it without having another job to go to. I used the time to break free and stop. I tried anything that sparked my curiosity: helping on a farm in California with avocado trees, baking cookies, DJing, jewellery designing.

I slowly pieced everything together and found my passions, strengths and purpose over the course of 4 years.

I’m here to help accelerate this process for you, like a catalyst so you don’t have to spend years trying to figure it all out on your own like I did. Life’s too short to not take a shortcut when it’s offered.

I learn, study and more importantly put into practice all the neuroscience and philosophical, spiritual work that’s out there on how we figure out what our life’s work is in the world of work today.

I would love to hear more about you and where you are on your journey.

Email me at [email protected]

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