The 10 Most Powerful Questions to Discover YOUR Unique Calling


Escape the Corporate 9-5 if it doesn't feel right to you and find the work that does. 

Grab this FREE (and unheld back) workbook to finally break barriers and find your own special, unique calling (not anyone else’s, no boxes, just yours!). Discover the work you need to be doing to feel deeply rewarded.


What you will Get...

  • 10 step by step prompts each promising an AHA! moment closer and closer to the work that will ignite your soul.
  • Tips on how to ease and flow into the answers without getting frustrated or overthinking it.
  • A chance to join a community of like minded individuals who are trying to break free from their current jobs and follow their own unique, authentic paths.
  • My BONUS question which gave me the biggest AHA! in my own search for the dream career.


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About Me

Hi, my name's Bhavisha. I founded Zero Mondays on a mission to get people out of the deep feeling of dread on a Monday when it's time to wake up and head to work. I believe that everyone has a unique gift in life and there is work out there for you that lights up your soul. I have spent over 13 years in the Corporate world both in the UK and in America. After spending weeks and months feeling trapped, frustrated and crying many days after work, I found a way to get out of it. I found tools, people, and most of all experiences that helped me dig deep into what it is I love to do. I have now shaped a new career and lifestyle that does light up my soul. I really hope what I have to offer can help you find the same.