Dare to play big.

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Dare to play big.

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Helping corporate professionals find their purpose, and unconventionally explore unknown career paths.

Hi, we’re Zero Mondays. We help you create self-knowledge, clarity, and direction on your professional career path so you can leave the Sunday dread behind you and rekindle your zest for life.

Zero Mondays' unique approach will open your eyes up to what's possible in a way you may have never thought of.


Jennifer Grace

Hay House Author, Speaker, & Transformation Coach

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Understanding you.

Through our practical tools we help you uncover a deeper understanding of you and who you are.

What motivates you, what could be holding you back, your talents, your strengths and what your ‘thing’ could be.

Career path aside, these are tools for life.

Explore more.

It’s not about quitting. It’s about allowing yourself to explore possibility. Our curiosity leaves us clues. We support you to explore the infinite possibilities that are out there for you in low risk ways till you are ready to make your next move.

Live your purpose.

We work with you to pull all the puzzle pieces together to create a bespoke action plan to transform your life into one that's aligned with your heart, mind and soul.

I highly recommend working with Zero Mondays because the process was unlike anything else I had ever done before. I gained so much clarity and guidance as to who I am as a person and what I really value and believe and it’s an incredible feeling to have that kind of clarity in my life now. 


Life is too short to do something you dread.

Dare to create a profession you love.