The art and science of 

Finding your calling


We are on a mission to zero out Monday blues by daring you to play big and create the profession that aligns with your soul through a practical approach that aligns science, heart, and mind.

For our clients, it is more than a new career, it is the freedom that comes from finally finding who they are meant to be.



Hi! I'm Bhavisha, the CEO and Head Coach of Zero Mondays.

Struggling in Corporate America after 13 years in my career pushed me to get obsessed with finding my purpose in life, break free from social norms and a job that felt soul-less and misaligned to who I was.

I started to follow my curiosity and try to figure out what else I could do through research and experimentation.

My journey took me from baking to jewellery design, from an avocado farm in California to spinning vinyl records as a DJ.

I deeply believe that our purpose leaves clues and that having a sense of adventure, and following the crumbs of our interests is how we get there. It frustrates me to see people wasting their skills in meaningless jobs, and believe that the world would be an awesome place if everyone did what they love. 

I'm now sharing what I've learnt with you so you can find the work that lights you up without having to struggle and figure it all out on your own.

International coach certified with Jennifer Grace, author of 'Directing Your Destiny'.

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-From Real Estate Advisor to Manifestation Coach

"I truly loved working with Bhavisha! The way she commits to her work and to helping you is just amazing, always looking for the best ways to guide you and inspire you."

Life is too short to do something you dread.

Dare to create a profession you love.