Meet Bhavisha,

Head Coach

Meet Bhavisha, Head Coach

Here's how my journey got me here...

In 2015, I decided to rent out my proudly owned grown up house I had only lived in for 12 months, pack all my belongings into a shipping container that hardly fit into the cul de sac, wave goodbye to my family and friends and move my life from the suburbs of London to the suburbs of New York for what I thought was my ‘biggest’ career move yet.

I was on a 6 figure salary, I had a beautiful apartment, I could travel wherever I wanted - but begrudgingly as the job went on, I couldn't help feel that deep sinking feeling that this path was not for me.

I worked long hours, went meeting to meeting in the office, fought politics and I was helping a company make profits from products I don't even use.

I felt continuously masked at work, misaligned with my true self, unfulfilled with my contribution to this world and believed that my energy and skills were being wasted in my 9 to 5.

The little voice in my head got louder and louder. 

Why on earth was I putting all my effort into this? What impact was I having on the world?

I started to search. I had no idea what else I could do or even wanted to do. I was scared of leaving a career I'd invested in for 13 years, let alone the salary. I didn't think I was good at anything else.

My desperation, stress and sadness guided me to find a coach and start to learn tools and techniques to:

a) help me mentally survive in my job

b) search for the real me, my gifts and talents.

Finally, I got my sign to set myself free. I was lucky enough to be offered redundancy so I took the leap and accepted it without having another job to go to. I used my time off to re-engage with who I really am.

I tried anything that sparked my curiosity.

I helped on a farm in California with avocado trees.

I spent the day baking cookies with the owner of a cookie company.

I took DJ lessons.

I did a jewellery designing course in Hatton Garden, London. 

I followed a transformational coach around Miami for 2 days.

I slowly pieced every I learnt together and found my passions, strengths and purpose over the course of 4 years.

I’m here to help accelerate this process for you, like a catalyst so you don’t have to spend years trying to figure it all out on your own like I did. Life’s too short to not take a shortcut when it’s offered.

I learn, study and more importantly put into practice all the neuroscience and philosophical, spiritual work that’s out there on how we figure out what work is actually going to ignite our soul in the world of work today.

I would love to hear more about you, where you are on your journey and what brought you here.

Email me at [email protected]

Life is too short to do something you dread.

Dare to create a profession you love.