7 Honest Confessions after Starting up a Business based on my Passion

This weekend was Zero Monday’s 1st birthday. I made a multi purpose cake (any excuse). I wanted to mark the occasion and take in the last year...1 year since I decided to go all in 100% and commit to openly live my higher mission in serving others.


Before I jump in, I want to say that I’m extremely grateful to all of you for coming my way and trusting what I can give you to help you transform your own lives. It brings me such joy to have a tool, a piece of knowledge or a different perspective that sets off a spark in someone’s eyes when they have their own breakthrough so THANK YOU for being part of this community and my journey. 


Here are my 7 confessions on setting up a business based on my passion and what you should think about if you’ve been considering it:

1. They don’t lie, it is bloody hard... 

No matter how many times people tell you it’s hard to start something new, you don’t quite get it till you really feel it yourself. It has been uncomfortable, it has been new, it has been overwhelming, it has challenged all my insecurities. There have been times that I have wanted to pack it all in and give it up BUT there is a fire lit inside of me that won’t let me walk away from this.


2. Knowing your WHY is the ultimate motivator.

 I have picked up a lot of hobbies, projects and business ideas before and they haven’t all lasted but this time I did the deep inner work to figure out what I love doing and what my higher purpose is. When I think about going back to where I was before this I know I do not want to be there again. Deep down, as cheesy as it sounds, I know this is my calling. I know I need to be here, I know I need to work past my insecurities and keep going for myself and others who need me no matter what. I committed to what I’m doing so I’m not ready to walk away just yet, it’s way too early!


 3. Engage, connect and appreciate every single person you interact with whether they become a customer, a mentor, a friend, a partner or none of these. I have got value and nourishment from every connection I’ve made. I absolutely love meeting new people, learning and hearing about your journeys!


4. Be patient with yourself. 

Of course, there’s a part of me that’s really hard on myself. I wish I could have more to show for 1 year in business, more content, a better website, more programs, more transformations. Working a full time corporate job on the side and seeing the importance of my relationships with my husband, family and friends, I have really had to accept that my ability to deliver what I want in the business is much slower than I initially thought. As long as I’m moving forward that’s ok. I do this by chunking my work up into smaller bite size chunks, focussing on value and making sure I do one small thing every day towards my bigger goal.


5. Not everything will go to plan and that’s all part of it

Sometimes I’ll put something out that gets zero engagement. Yes, at the beginning it felt terrible but now I know it happens and it’s ok, it’s all part of learning how to communicate better, learning and listening to what people need and want right now and I have trust the journey will get me to the juicy stuff.


6. Even in my Corporate ‘other job’  I can still be wholly myself and live my purpose every day

This is something which I did not see 3 years ago back in my previous job. I thought I had to dilute who I really was to fit in, to look confident, to feel professional, to be ‘recognised’. The more I open up about myself at work, the more I make deeper connections and see others open up to their own vulnerabilities. The more I open up about my business and what I do, the more people become interested and are ready to have meaningful conversations. Yes, this doesn’t apply to everyone but I’m more and more comfortable with who I really am.


7. Surrounding myself with the right people has been invaluable.

This includes like minded people, people on the same journey and people ahead of me on the journey. For anything that you do, find your allies, support each other, get the help and support you need. It may not be the people closest to you, it could be people you’ve never met before but find it, use it, appreciate it and give back wherever you can. This is a massive part of what I want to grow in my business and bring back to the Zero Mondays community. 

If you want to find out more about how you can find that fire in your belly to figure out your WHY and your ultimate motivator here in this world - email me at [email protected] for a chat.


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Stay with me, we’re in for a ride. Happy Birthday Zero Mondays :)


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