7 Honest Confessions after Starting up a Business based on my Passion

This weekend was Zero Monday’s 1st birthday. I made a multi purpose cake (any excuse). I wanted to mark the occasion and take in the last year...1 year since I decided to go all in 100% and commit to openly live my higher mission in serving others.


Before I jump in, I want to say that I’m extremely grateful to all of you for coming my way and trusting what I can give you to help you transform your own lives. It brings me such joy to have a tool, a piece of knowledge or a different perspective that sets off a spark in someone’s eyes when they have their own breakthrough so THANK YOU for being part of this community and my journey. 


Here are my 7 confessions on setting up a business based on my passion and what you should think about if you’ve been considering it:

1. They don’t lie, it is bloody hard... 

No matter how many times people tell you it’s hard to start something new, you don’t quite get it till you really...

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