4 Ways to Find your Purpose in Quarantine

 Oh my gosh, I have to share something magical from Saturday night, I am on an absolute high and I was bursting to get it down here to tell you as you were on my mind when I realised this.

My husband and I decided to get our decks out and create a virtual rave for everyone we know across the globe (he’s from US and I’m from UK). We love DJing, playing music and thought this is what we can do for our friends and family who are stuck in isolation/quarantine.

We did it for our own pleasure but wanted to be there for anyone feeling lonely, in need of dancing and entertainment, and just add some shiney fun to these days.

We were blown away by the response we had from people and how many joined us on our Live Youtube stream. We had people chatting together from our families, friends, work and friends of friends all over the world, all enjoying our music for 2 hours.

His parents were dancing, people not feeling well in total isolation had company, nieces and...

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