Is ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’ a recurring thought? Try this!

Instead of Airplane mode, it’s like Survival mode - a never ending to-do-list in the form of post its, checklists on your phone, calendar reminders. You celebrate checking everything off to get you through the day or the week. It’s a way of managing your overwhelm and feeling productive. But actually, you realise these albeit wins have little to do with progressing something deeply fulfilling for you and what once was your dream? Oof.

Does all this ‘stuff to do’ ever leave you wondering, what is the bigger picture of life outside of ‘returning those pillow cases, buying Kate’s birthday present and fixing the car door handle’? 

You’re not on your own.

When did you notice that the bigger picture was hard to see on this daily recurring hamster wheel? 

I noticed when I sat on the train from Grand Central to Stamford, Connecticut. I had worked from the office on Fifth Avenue, New York that day. The splendour of walking through...

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The Start to Dismantling Something You Thought You Never Had

I acknowledge I have been quiet over the last week. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been here. I have been listening and learning about what’s happening in the outside world that kicked off with the brutal George Floyd murder. I’ve been tuning in to different perspectives of racism and anti-racism and digging deep into my own thought process.

I am a person of colour (POC) but not a black indigenous person of colour (BIPOC) and I live in the UK. I have committed to my own personal growth and to be a leader and contributor to the industry of self discovery and personal transformation.  There is no way I can swiftly move past this topic even though it feels deeply saddening, emotional, complex and uncomfortable all at the same time. 

I know this is going to be an imperfect post, I will still probably say something wrong but I know I’m taking action where I can and I will learn from it.

Firstly, I’m sorry if any of you reading this are...

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7 Honest Confessions after Starting up a Business based on my Passion

This weekend was Zero Monday’s 1st birthday. I made a multi purpose cake (any excuse). I wanted to mark the occasion and take in the last year...1 year since I decided to go all in 100% and commit to openly live my higher mission in serving others.


Before I jump in, I want to say that I’m extremely grateful to all of you for coming my way and trusting what I can give you to help you transform your own lives. It brings me such joy to have a tool, a piece of knowledge or a different perspective that sets off a spark in someone’s eyes when they have their own breakthrough so THANK YOU for being part of this community and my journey. 


Here are my 7 confessions on setting up a business based on my passion and what you should think about if you’ve been considering it:

1. They don’t lie, it is bloody hard... 

No matter how many times people tell you it’s hard to start something new, you don’t quite get it till you really...

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4 Ways to Find your Purpose in Quarantine

 Oh my gosh, I have to share something magical from Saturday night, I am on an absolute high and I was bursting to get it down here to tell you as you were on my mind when I realised this.

My husband and I decided to get our decks out and create a virtual rave for everyone we know across the globe (he’s from US and I’m from UK). We love DJing, playing music and thought this is what we can do for our friends and family who are stuck in isolation/quarantine.

We did it for our own pleasure but wanted to be there for anyone feeling lonely, in need of dancing and entertainment, and just add some shiney fun to these days.

We were blown away by the response we had from people and how many joined us on our Live Youtube stream. We had people chatting together from our families, friends, work and friends of friends all over the world, all enjoying our music for 2 hours.

His parents were dancing, people not feeling well in total isolation had company, nieces and...

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5 Hacks to Survive an Emotional Rollercoaster

 It has been a rollercoaster emotional couple of weeks.

(Note to self when I read back on this, something called- COVID-19).

I really hope you are all healthy and making it through this time.

I’ve seen myself and many of us go from panic, to high states of anxiety and stress, acceptance, attempts to find silver linings and sadness. 

And then ping ponging between all of those depending on the hour of the day.

Firstly, I want you to know you are not alone if this is how you are feeling. I have been watching highly resilient entrepreneurs trying to figure this out as well.

I have found myself getting pulled into the worry and panic on food shopping and finding delivery slots -to the point I woke up at 4am to see if any were available (they weren't). Then feeling guilty for taking a slot because more vulnerable people need them and the supermarkets sorted themselves out. And then completely turning around my mood when I see positivity of everyone coming together, when...

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